The individual publications of the Přehled výzkumů journal can be found under the links with the years of the published volumes. Volumes 1–34 (published in 1956–1989) are available as one PDF file with a separate list of contents in a PDF file, not divided between articles and reports, as the journal’s design did not make this distinction at that time. Print data are not available for volumes up to 44 [2003], so are therefore scans of earlier copies. Especially in earlier years, not all contributions had bilingual titles, which is reflected in the structure of the contents of these issues. Since volume 52 [2011], the journal has been published twice a year. The online version of the Přehled výzkumů journal is always available no later than 30 June and 31 December of the given year.

ISSN 1211-7250 (printed version since 1993)
ISSN 0528-631X (printed version until 1992)
ISSN 2571-0605 (online version)