Editorial and publishing activities have a long tradition at ARÚB and have existed de-facto since the beginnings of the institute. In-house publishing is an important platform for quick and quality publication of the institute’s scientific results; it also enables decisions to be made on the number of copies and their use.

The comprehensive editorial concept is based on the continuity of several editorial series ranging from purely scientific works to popularisation and presentation outputs. The pivotal activity is the publication of the peer-reviewed journal Přehled výzkumů, which is indexed by the Scopus database. The publishing is financed from multiple sources. The three most important are the institute’s overheads, grant financing (e.g. Czech Science Foundation or Strategy AV21) and funds from the Editorial Board of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The institute’s editorial activity has recently been undergoing innovative development with the following priorities: publication of books in a form of monographs and collective monographs, increasing the number of books published in English, and improving digital access to the institute’s production (scientific works will be accessed online five years after their printed publication; the Přehled výzkumů journal is published directly in open access format). We also endeavour to gradually cultivate the typographic and graphic form of the books.


Head of the Publishing department:
Mgr. Martina Kudlíková
Publishing department:
Mgr. Markéta Kamenská
Milan Filip


ARÚB has published approximately two hundred book titles since the 1950s. For a complete list, see the overview of our publications:

The catalogue with currently available publications for sale is available in an interactive PDF version here.

Academic and popularisation publications


ARÚB publishes seven independent book series:

Spisy Archeologického ústavu AV ČR, Brno (Written Works of the Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Brno)
The basic editorial series of the institute. Scientific monographs are published as the basic publication outputs of the teams or individual researchers, both from ARÚB and externally.

Studie Archeologického ústavu AV ČR, Brno (Studies of the Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Brno)
Small-format publications focused primarily on the publication of archaeological material.

Dolnověstonické studie (Dolní Věstonice Studies)
The series publishes key materials on interdisciplinary research of the Palaeolithic sites in the foothills of the Pavlov Hills and on Palaeolithic and Mesolithic research on a global scale.

Studien zum Burgwall von Mikulčice (SBM; Mikulčice Stronghold Studies)
The series publishes thematically focused blocks of contributions on issues related to the Slavic stronghold in Mikulčice and its hinterland.

Internationale Tagungen in Mikulčice (ITM; International Conferences in Mikulčice)
The proceedings devoted to the publication of contributions from the international conferences in Mikulčice that are organised on selected issues of the Early Middle Ages research in Central Europe.

Mikulčice-průvodce (Mikulčice-Guide Series)
A popularisation series that presents the results of archaeological research in Mikulčice in an attractive form to the general public.

Flussarchäologie in Mikulčice (River Archaeology in Mikulčice)
A series specialising in the phenomenon of water in the context of Great Moravian Mikulčice.

Přehled výzkumů (Overview of Research)

The professional peer-reviewed journal Přehled výzkumů, with a publication tradition dating back to 1956, is published twice a year and indexed by the Scopus database. Original archaeological research of supraregional importance focusing on Central Europe is accompanied by an overview of reports on important fieldwork activities of all licenced archaeological organisations in the territory of Moravia and Silesia. The journal is published in open access format. More information is available on its own website.

Joint publications

ARÚB occasionally collaborates on the publication of books with other archaeological institutions and renowned domestic and foreign publishing houses. ARÚB also participates in the publication of the Archaeologia Historica journal, which is published twice a year.