Archaeological summer 2021

Follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and accompany us as we visit the archaeological monuments in your area! What can be read into the remains of medieval strongholds or prehistoric barrow cemeteries? Do you want to learn how mining was carried out in the Middle Ages, or see the Czech Republic’s oldest cave paintings? During your expeditions, you will be accompanied by experienced archaeologists whose stories will take you back to bygone eras.

For the second time, the Institutes of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague and Brno, in cooperation with other archaeological institutions, have prepared a series of guided tours of selected archaeological sites. Your professional guides will show you what an archaeologist’s work entails and what is really hidden in the ground at both well-known and somewhat forgotten sites.

Most guided tours are free of charge although the date and time need to be reserved.

Further information about individual sites is available on the Archaeological Summer website, or you can choose a site directly from the map:

If none of the dates suits you or is already fully booked, you can follow the traces of archaeological monuments yourselves with the help of the Archaeological Atlas of the Czech Republic.

We look forward to meeting you at the strongholds, barrow cemeteries or in a deserted medieval village!