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The transformation of burgher houses in medieval Moravia with respect to Bohemia and Silesia


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Volume 72

Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Archaeology, Brno; Archaia Brno

Brno 2022, 311 s.

ISBN 978-80-7524-055-2, I

SBN 978-80-908220-2-3

DOI: 10.47382/arub2022-05

ISSN 1804-1345

The genesis and transformation of medieval towns are among the leading themes of medieval studies. This book presents many findings from rescue archaeological excavations in Moravia and the adjacent part of Silesia over the past 30 years. The authors present new and older finds and compare them with the two most researched cities in Central Europe – Prague and Wrocław. A completely new and interdisciplinary quality is brought by the study of floor treatments in micromorphological analyses, even within the European area. The book reflects widely discussed topics such as the typology of the oldest houses, their location on plots, the existence of above-ground parts and the transition to the brick house. The phenomenon of the medieval burgher’s house is also one method of searching for a common Central European past, which is why the book is accessible in English to foreign archaeologists, historians and art historians.