For reviewers

Each submitted contribution goes first through the editorial review, i.e. the assessment by at least two members of the editorial board who evaluate if the article is within the journal’s scope and of sufficient quality to be sent out to peer review.

Two independent reviewers assess the article sent in an MS Word or preview PDF file including all pictorial addenda from the perspectives of the originality of the contribution, the professional level, argumentation and language. The reviewers also focus on the accuracy of the abstract and the keywords, the bibliography and illustrations relevance and other aspects. The reviewer submits a review form (available for download below); within it, or within comments directly in the text, they list all their objections or recommendations in detail.

The author of the contribution is then requested to revise their manuscript in view of the reviewers’ (and possibly editors’) comments and objections. Along with the revised article, the author also provides their “answer to the reviewer” containing brief responses to the individual entries presented by all the reviewers (and editors) in the following form: revised / revised, but… / not revised because…

The editors assess the revised article; if there are disputed issues, they may request the cooperation of the reviewers again. If the reviewers do not recommend a manuscript for publication in the Přehled výzkumů journal, it is excluded from further assessment.