Activities of the Archaeological Monument Care Department

  • Administration of notifications of building activity or other activities endangering the performance of archaeological research (pursuant to S. 22 (2) of Act No. 20/1987 Coll., on State Monument Care)
  • Consultancy and advisory activity
  • Preparation of proposals for declaring archaeological objects as cultural monuments (pursuant to S. 3 (1) of Act No. 20/1987 Coll., on State Monument Care)
  • Provision of information about territories with archaeological finds to authorised organisations, construction investors, administrative authorities, etc.
  • Preparation and issue of expert opinions and statements for the needs of building projects and administrative proceedings, the activity of an official archaeology expert including quantification of the value of archaeological finds, damage caused by unannounced building activity and preparation of expert opinions concerning the securing of individual monuments and proposals for protection
  • Coordination of research activities in Moravia and Silesia and distribution of rescue excavations within regional archaeological committees
  • Supervision of the fulfilment of agreements on the extent and conditions of the performance of archaeological research concluded between the Czech Academy of Sciences and organisations authorised by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic to conduct archaeological research