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Zázemí hradiště Mikulčice-Valy v 9. století


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Volume V

Archeologický ústav AV ČR, Brno, v. v. i.

Brno 2020, 110 p.

ISBN 978-80-7524-033-0

The fifth volume of the Mikulčice-Guide series provides a brief overview of the most important 9th-century archaeological sites in the immediate vicinity of the Slavic stronghold in Mikulčice – the leading power centre of Great Moravia. Besides summarising the best researched Great Moravian settlements and cemeteries, the authors explain the relationship between the power centre and its economic hinterland where they also address various topics of different aspects of the life of the society. A further part of the book includes information and results of the application of modern archaeological methods of landscape and spatial archaeology as well as an overview of the state of research in this area of study.