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Die Ausgrabungen in Mikulčice


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Volume 1
Archäologisches Institut der Akademie der Wissenschaften Brno, Forschungsbasis Mikulčice, Brno
2008, 44 p.
ISBN 978-80-86023-80-9

The first volume of the guide series of the Slavic stronghold in Mikulčice provides an overview of the most important discoveries made during the excavation seasons between 1954 and 2005. In the first part of the publication, the archaeological structures and the selection of the characteristic finds are presented as ten stops around the stronghold. The second part of the book introduces the main archaeological monuments in Mikulčice – the settlements, fortifications, churches, cemeteries etc. The final section is devoted to the Mikulčice archaeological fieldwork – its process, methods and archaeologists. The full-colour part in the middle of the guide addresses recent excavations (after 1999) in the Mikulčice suburbium and the hinterland conducted on both the Czech and Slovak sides of the River Morava.