ASEP is a register containing the results of the scientific work of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The Repository contains bibliographic records from 1993; at present, full texts of documents (from 2012) and data files (from 2018) can also be entered.

    The data is accessible to the public through the ASEP Repository (2005) online catalogue or via the  ASEP Analytics (2009) web application, which can be used to display biographical overviews and graphic outputs of the institutes, departments and individual researchers.

    Each institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences has an administrator for all of the workplace’s data deposited in the ASEP. The administrators ensure the processing and export of data to the RIV (Information Register of Research and Development Results), check the data created by the authors via anonymous or individual accounts and assign myASEP user accounts.

    The collection of data is coordinated by the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences, which also ensures the improvement and development of the whole system, outputs for the Czech Academy of Sciences management, and prepares training and workshops for the administrators.

  • ILS – for libraries

    ILS is the Inter-Library Loan Service. Orders can be made via the Union Catalogue of the Czech Republic or by e-mail (brinkova@arub.cz).

Borrowing terms and conditions

  • Only on-site loans in the reading room are possible for external users.
  • Users can request specific titles to be prepared before they visit the library (knihovna@arub.cz).
  • Retro-cataloguing is currently in progress; for the time being, some of the earlier publications and periodicals can only be searched in the library’s card catalogue.