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Questionnement sur la diversité du Pavlovien par ľétude technologique des gisements moraves

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Volume 66
Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Archaeology
Brno 2020, 446 p.

ISBN 978-80-7524-041-5
ISSN 1804-1345

One of the most advanced Paleolithic cultures – the Pavlovian – has so far been defined by a set of criteria of material culture and symbolic manifestations. However, the technological analysis of stone tools from the territory of today’s Moravia offers a new perspective on this Paleolithic culture. The research identified three separate groups, each with its own techno-typological and economic specific attributes. Regarding these results, it is possible to divide the Pavlovian culture into a group with microsaws and a group with geometric microliths. A group with Milovice points is less characterised in the current state of research although we assume, that in terms of chronology and stratigraphy, it is of a later dating. The aim of this work is the first presentation of these Pavlovian groups both with their peculiarities and characteristic features.