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Great Moravian Settlement in Mikulčice-Trapíkov and Economic Hinterland of the Power Centre

Rural Economy, Centres and Organisational and Functional Principles of Great Moravia


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Volume: SBM XIII, Spisy ARÚB 62

Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Archaeology, Brno

Brno 2022, 221 p.

ISBN 978-80-7524-027-9

ISSN 1804-1345

A part of the Great Moravian settlement and cemetery was excavated in 2010–2014 on the sand dune in the peripheral zone of the early medieval central agglomeration of Mikulčice-Valy. The presented publication provides the results of archaeological fieldwork at the Trapíkov site and an interpretation of the data, which expands the knowledge of the socio-economic relationships of the 9th–10th-century society. Based on the results of the interdisciplinary research (archaeology, archaeobotany, archaeozoology, geoarchaeology, radiocarbon dating, isotope analyses and anthropology), the authors present the archaeological model of the relationships between the Great Moravian centres and their economic hinterland and discuss the basic parameters of the rural economy along with the organisational and functional principles of Great Morava.