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Archaeological studies of the Late Iron Age in Central Europe

Proceedings of the 15th International Conference of the Series “The La Tène Period in Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia” („Doba laténská v Čechách, na Moravě a na Slovensku“) in Klement-Oberleis 11–13 June 2014


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Volume 71
Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Archaeology, Brno
Brno 2021, 293 p.

ISBN 978-80-7524-045-3
ISSN 1804-1345

The conference proceedings from an international team of authors focus on the Celts in Central Europe. Eighteen articles cover a broad spectrum of research questions that are the subject of study in the La Tène period archaeology. The publication is divided into thematic subject areas – burial grounds, settlements, artefacts, and regional case studies – that significantly contribute to the current state of research on the development of the Eastern Celts on the European continent. The articles publish both new finds and the results of the theoretical research.