Visit Archaeology from the sky exhibition!

Did you know that amazing archaeological discoveries can be made without travelling to remote and exotic locations? This exhibition will convince you that all you need to do is head out into the rich and varied landscape here at home.

The Archaeology from the Sky exhibition takes you high above the Earth to see what is normally invisible: traces of the life of our ancestors long hidden beneath the ground or in the relief of the terrain.

The exhibition presents the remote sensing in archaeology, puts it into historical and professional contexts and introduces visitors to the research methods used by experts. We guide you through the first attempts to take to the skies and view the landscape from above. You will learn to recognise remains from the lives of our ancestors in the landscape and gain an appreciation of the technological advancements archaeology has made over the past century.

In addition to photographs of archaeological features and monuments hidden in the ground and discovered from aircraft thanks to specific marks in the landscape, which we teach you to recognise, you can look forward to 3D models and animated virtual 3D reconstructions of monuments, the devices and equipment used in surveys, a model of crop marks and a reconstruction of the grave of a Celtic warrior. All of these are set among beautiful bird’s-eye views of the landscape.

Visitors are also treated to engaging activities such as a drone simulator, the creation of your own landscape in an interactive sandbox and the construction of a prehistoric village.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard a flight over landscapes past and present. So don’t hesitate and purchase your flight tickets at the Anthropos Pavilion box office.